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Thornton, Colorado isn’t the first city to launch a “Shop Local” program, though it hopes to set a precedent for other cities in Colorado. There’s a lot of homework that goes into creating such a program, but there are results to show other cities’ successes. Here are just a few:

Portland, Maine: A 2007 survey of businesses found that:
60% were seeing improved sales and customer loyalty
Nearly 75% said customers had told them that they were consciously trying to do more shopping (or all) at local businesses.
40% said they gained new customers

Nationally: Over the 2009 holiday season, independent retailers in cities with “Buy Local” or “Think Local First” campaigns saw a 3.0% increase in sales, versus only 1.0% for cities without a program.

Nationally: A survey of independent retailers found that those in cities with “Shop Local” programs saw an average increase of 2% over the 2006 holiday season, compared to just 0.5% in cities without a “Shop Local” program.

Nationally: A January 2011 survey of independent businesses (retailers, service providers, restaurants, etc.) found that those in cities with “Shop Local” programs saw revenue growth of 5.6% in 2010, vs. only 2.1% for those in cities without a shop local program.*

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Our Mission

... is to market and showcase Thornton-based businesses for the purpose of attracting consumers to shop locally and to educate Thornton, Colorado residents of the benefits of Shopping Thornton First.